Installing MapRequest

The MapRequest binary is currently distributed as both a ZIP archive and a Windows(tm) installer. MapRequest requires Java(tm) 1.4 or later to run. MapRequest should run OK on any platform that supports Java(tm), but start scripts are only provided for Windows(tm) and Un*x based platforms.

MapRequest can be downloaded from the download page for MapRequest.

MapRequest is currently distributed in 3 forms:

For non-Windows platforms, if you already have JAI (Sun’s Java ™ Advanced Imaging extension) installed then you can download (The download is smaller, as it does not include the JAI libraries.) Otherwise you need to download the larger

Note that if you choose to install MapRequest via the .ZIP file on Windows(tm) based systems, extract this file in c:\Program Files. (Make sure you set the option so that folders are preserved when you extract the .ZIP file.) This will create the folder c:\Program Files\MapRequest. If you extracted the ZIP archive to a different folder you will need to edit maprequest.cmd to set %MapRequestHome% to be the location of the folder where MapRequest is installed.

On Un*x based systems extract the ZIP archive to any suitable directory. This will create a MapRequest subdirectory. In this directory you will need to edit to set $JAVA to have the correct path to java.

MapRequest documentation